Monday, June 28

summer fun

this past weekend was super busy, but fun.  friday after work, we went for a nice run around sugarhouse park.  then took off to b&t's for a sleepover.  the next morning we went to utah lake, for boating, skiing, wake boarding and knee boarding.  the weather and water were both perfect.

after that we went to the washburn family reunion at byu, followed by the visiting of grandparents, a little nap, dinner with friends (at a new cool restaurant, i will have to post about it later), drinks at the sonic and fun all night long.

for sunday, we tried to sleep in,  then listened to colton speak about his mission in canada, followed by a rather large luncheon with family and friends.  the family picture was taken after that and turner did surprisingly well along with the other kiddies.  we then took a walk to laird park, swung on the swings and then finally got home to relax and enjoy the sabbath day. 

couldn't of asked for a better weekend!

1 comment:

dannynstephstoddart said...

He's so stinkin cute!! And by the way your wife looks awesome after having a baby so recently! (tinge of jealousy;) Oop... Carter's poopin, gotta go!

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