Wednesday, June 30

new dining adventures

we have a couple new restaurants that we found and would like to share. 

the first one is called model a cafe and is down south in mapleton.  it has the small town country feel good feeling and the food was amazing.  our grandparents actually took nat there a couple weeks ago and wanted to go back.  they have a good variety on the menu (including breakfast food and omeletts) and lots of food so you will leave with a full stomach.  go check it out if you are ever down there.

the next place we liked is called blue lemon.  they have one in highland, but just opened one downtown slc and nat had been dying to go there.  we met for lunch last week and fully enjoyed ourselves.  the decor is ultra sleek and modern and the food was delicious.  they have sandwiches, paninis, salads and great sweet potato fries, along with other side dishes.  it was all rather tasty and fresh.   

if anyone has any other restaurant or dining suggestions, please let us know.  we love to try out new places. 


Monica said...


Jen Howick said...

i love it when you post good food places... my parents are huge blue lemon fans!

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