Friday, March 19

spring is just around the corner

now who doesn't love this time of year.  it is starting to get warm, the sun comes out, everything starts to bloom and turn green, and there is awesome easter candy and girl scout cookies.  starburst jelly beans are the best.  i ate a whole pack this week, and last week, nat and i finished off a bag in one sitting, ha..... so good!

the march madness has begun, and it really is madness.  there were some good games yesterday, like double overtime for BYU, go cougs!  my bracket is doing ok so far, but the games are good. 

the family will be coming home tonight, and we have a dinner to attend with some friends who are in town from the east coast, i might try to go ski tomorrow and see some other cousins from az, and just enjoy the weekend.  i hope you have a good one too. adios amigos. 


Matt and Ness said...

I'm loving the new header.
And have you had Cadbury's chocolate mini eggs? We bought some the other day and they're definitely not going to last until Easter.

Toes on the Nose said...

I bought some starburst jelly beans at the store the other day and thought of you. We are giving the tropical flavor a try. I don't even want to think about how many I have eaten so far.

the salt lake city slickers said...


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