Wednesday, March 17

fun in the sun

look at this kid, he is awesome!  he is sitting up on his own and eating sand, ha!  i love it!  nat sent me this pic from the pools in arizona.  one of them has a sandy beach and turner loves it.  i miss them both. 

on the bright side is has been pretty warm here in slc.  i went for a nice run yesterday with the fam, and plan on going again today.  the race is only a month away.

i hope you wore your green today for st. patty's day (and it's my cousin jessica's bday, feliz cumpleanos) and hurry and fill out your brackets cause the NCAA MARCH MADNESS is starting!  who do you have going all the way?  i chose Kansas

1 comment:

Hema and Becky said...

That is a cute picture! My kids always hated the sand as babies. I love that Turner is eating it!

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