Friday, December 4

D.I. Shopping

since the winter season has fallen upon us, i have been off and on sweater shopping for the annual party.  i was in the d.i. (deseret industries, for those of you who don't live in utah), and ovbiously i was browsing for sweaters in the women's section.  there are more selections there.  so, as i am flipping through each sweater rather fast, one of the older female employees (who does not speadk the best english) and i have the following conversation:

lady:  what are you doing?

me:  looking at sweaters

lady:  these are for the women

me:  i know

lady:  no! they are for women

me: oh, i know

lady:  you go over there (pointing to the men's secion with a very confused look on her face)

me:  huh?!  (confused) 

lady:  huh?!  what?!

me:  oh.....i am looking for my wife.....? (a little confused)

lady:  oh, you are so sweet then!  she will be very happy!

oh man, it was pretty great! and i did end up buying natalie's sweater there, so i guess i am sweet.  ha!


Jana said...

It's true you are sweet. Especially at the D.I. I am sooo sad I missed your party I can't even discuss it. I will see you sooN!!!!!!

Nicole said...

that is pretty funny!

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