Thursday, November 19

colton, i mean elder shields, sent this in his email this week and i really like it. let's make it be the quote of the day:

....."so transfer calls are on monday night and we will see if i get changed or if am going to stay. I really would like to stay, but i will do whatever is neccesary. I love the mission and the gospel it is amazing and the spirit is sooooo sensitve that even the smallest change in the environment will run it away or invite it. As we were filling the font we had to start 3 hours before so it would be ready, and at the end to drain it -it only took 7 minutes to drain. And we thought about it and then the bishop said, that is how it is with our lives. It is hard to fill up our spiritual pool - it takes alot of work, but it is sooooo easy to loose it all. And so it is. So keep filling up your pool with good drops of water and do not let it drain out."

1 comment:

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and what a great picture!

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