Tuesday, November 17

200 posts....what?!

this is post number 200. can you believe it? well, we sure do love this little guy, he slept good last night, maybe too good for a newborn child. ha. he is still so small and his features are just stunning, aren't they?!
so this past weekend i was at hollywood video, (solo) well with turner, looking for 'mad men'. has anyone seen that show? we started the 1st season and semi like it, but a lot of people are raving about it. maybe we are missing something. so, this lady see my child and we have the following conversation:
lady: ohhhh....how cute is he!
me: yes he is.
lady: how old is he?
me: zero (0)
lady: huh? what? well when was he born?
me: october 13
lady: oh...so he is about a month old.
me: i guess
i have always wanted to say that to someone. because no one says they are 240 months old, they give years! so turner is zero!


Jess Craig said...

hello! our babies are only days apart! my son was born october 7. turner is very handsome!

Chelsea said...

You are hilarious. I've always thought the same thing.

Dani said...

haha that's so funny! also, i'm only 1 semester late okay?! give me a break!

Nichelle said...

hahaha that is so funny! even better is picturing you dying to give that response you've been planning. oh little zero yr old turner

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