Sunday, September 27

one last get-away.....

we snuck away to park city this past weekend
for 1 last getaway, it was great!
the leaves are changing and were breath-taking.
we stayed at the cozy 'blue church lodge' on park ave.
had a great teriyaki dinner followed by ice cream and a movie.
we slept in and had a late breakfast and did a little shopping
before heading to provo for a byu football win.
(more pics to come soon.)


Dani said...

what a nice weekend! what movie did you see? also, yes i posted that story on my blog the DAY before chelsea told me the news. I guess it was short lived. haha!

Krissy said...

Good times! I can't wait for that little bundle of joy to get here! We are coming to Utah for sure over Thanksgiving so we will have to snuggle him then. Keep us updated!

M and N said...

nice dani! we saw 'love happens' it was decent, i guess. nat wanted it to be more lovey dovey though.

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