Thursday, April 2

*Zermatt Resort*

we finally took advantage

of my free night stay at zermatt resort.

we stayed in one of the penthouse suites

ate 2 great meals

and nat enjoyed a massage from their spa.

we even did a little sight

seeing throughout midway and heber.

and of course we stopped at the outlet mall

in park city on the way home

to buy preggo, i mean

maternity clothes for nat.

it was a great/quick getaway


Monica and Dave said...

Sounds like a fun getaway! I am jealous! How was the bacon up there? Crispy and thick? I told you so! :)

dannyhaley said...

How fun!!! I am so envious. What a fun weekday getaway.

Sally said...

That is so fun. I am jealous... except it does look pretty cold. I hope the maternity shopping went well...I'd say check out Target and Old Navy Maternity. Don't buy too much bc I bet you won't be in them very'll just be a cute, tiny preggo.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ah! that sounds GLORIOUS right about now! glad you got to do it.

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