Saturday, March 21


we {both nat and i} were itchin' for sushi last night.
because nat is preggo and has to avoid
certain fish types/raw foods
we asked the server
for the sushi rolls
that are cooked, not "raw".
now don't judge, we have thought
deeply about what you can and cannot eat.
and these sushi rolls were safe.
we ordered plenty and chowed down.
tepanyaki has yet to fail me.
keep up the good work
we will be back very soon!


Cal said...

I'm glad you guys worked around the little glitch about raw fish. I usually like the cooked sushi rolls anyway. Nice job.

*The Hales Family* said...

apparentley I missed the blog about you guys being prego...but don't worry I caught up on it. Congrats! Colin's bday is oct. 5th, its a great month!

Sam, Jules and Tucker said...

woah! cool! congratulations you guys! (i missed the post too..) Tucker was born in October too, it's a great month to have a baby. You will LOVE being parents, it is the best thing in the whole world :) yay!

Greene said...

So exciting that you are going to be parents and also wanted to tell you that deep fried sushi is a safe way to go and very delicious and totally healthy... or not.

Jamie said...

next time invite us!! (Sad to say, I actually ate raw fish when I was pregnant and Jackson is fine . . . sort of! As long as it is not too high in mercury, fish is great for a preggo!)

Carol Greenhalgh said...

i love me some sushi! Where have you guys been? Feels like AGES!

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