Thursday, November 27

gobble gobble

i guess i am supposed to be thankful for things today, or during this time of year, so here it goes......

  • my wifey - n.k.c.s. - for letting me be crazy, weird and spontaneous
  • my job & nat's job, well maybe just work in general
  • the church in all of its greatness and glory
  • friends & family - i always need someone to talk to while driving (good thing I don't live in CA)
  • education, and the opportunity to learn more everyday
  • and my life and what the future will bring

happy turkay day! now relax and have some fun i am off to pat n jeff's for the family feast.
all of the kiddies will be there and i am sure there will be plenty of photos to share.


w and w said...

Marco... well put. You're wife is gorgeous and aside from that I bet she's wonderful! Thanks for sharing the blessings. It's hard to find oneself too grateful

natalie said...

That was a fun Thanksgiving! You should make your background colorful, or somethin. :)

dannyhaley said...

Love your thanksgiving post, and your new cute picture!

Sorry you had to work tonight, we all really missed you!!

JanaB said...


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