Wednesday, November 26

center street stroll

Downtown Provo, (can I even say that) is not that bad. Natalie and I walked Provo Center Street last night going in and out of the book stores and antique shops and were quite impressed with what some of them had to offer. I use to long board down Center back in the day and it brought back some good memories. As we were walking, well maybe speed walking because it was cold and neither of us brought hoodies or coats, the leaves were still crunching at our feet and the air was cold, but it felt good. We entered one store and asked if they had jewelry boxes, the gentleman declined, but then went off about everything else he had. One particular item caught our attention, this occured when he mentioned the name Marilyn Monroe. So, as some of you may know Nat has a slight obsession with Marilyn Monroe, and this particular shop had some "outfit" that was worn by Marilyn and had her name embroidered in it. It was pretty cool and of course we got a pic. Also take note that this picture was taken with the Blackberry, yes it still comes in very handy. Provo is known so well by the mormons, or "mo's" as some may call us and has nothing unique to offer, but after living there off and on for about 4 years I have realized there are simple things there are can be interpreted as different and unique. You just have to go out and look for them because they will not come to you. Provo is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I have enjoyed my time here and look forward of moving out when the time is right.


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dannyhaley said...

Talk about an ode to provo! Nat, Mono and I think you are hilarious.... nice post. :)

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