Monday, May 22

Kids and Shoes

Mr. T is obsessed with basketball lately.  I don't use the word obsessed lightly, I mean obsessed.  He talks non stop about the payers, games, scores, stats, etc..... He played in a little practice league earlier this year and really liked it. We also went to a couple Sacramento Kings basketball games and he liked them.  But as the days went on, he started asking to see scores and stats for all of the college teams with March Madness.  He was cruising through the ESPN app like it was his job.  He learned all of the teams, players and how good they were.  As soon as college basketball ended, it was all NBA.

While this obsession was building, we purchased a pair of kids Jordan shoes for him.  He picked them out himself and has worn them everyday since.  He is a tall 7 year old boy who plays a lot of basketball at school and home and within 2 months, there was a hole in them and the sole of the shoes were worn out.  So the other night I take Mr. T to the mall to get some new shoes.  He really wanted to get some new Jordan's or the Steph Curry Shoes.  He was sold on them.  As soon as he saw them in the first store that we stopped at, he knew he wanted them.  They were a lot more money than I was anticipating on spending, but we agreed that I would pay a certain amount of money for whatever shoes he wanted, and anything over that amount he would have to make up by doing chores and other tasks around the house and yard.

He was pleased as could be and put his new SC shoes on his feet on the drive back home.  After all of the kiddos were in bed, the wifey and I were talking about how much money we spent on his shoes and if we were being ridiculous but after thinking about it talking about it, he only buy him 1 pair of shoes every few months, where his sisters get different sandals, church shoes, ballet shoes, etc..... all the time.  Granted, theirs are cheaper than his fancy basketball shoes.  We usually grab some from Walmart, Target or H&M and they are usually $10 or cheaper! Honestly,  it probably evens out in the long run....right?!

Also, he probably would have slept in the shoes if we would have let him.....

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