Monday, January 26

Happy Birthday To Me

33.  That's how old I am now.  My birthday was last Thursday, on the 22nd and it was a typical day at work.  I had an early morning board meeting and then I headed into my building for work.  We had cake and cupcakes to celebrate at work with my staff and then I headed home from work to have a little party with the family.  The wifey and kiddos were baking my birthday cake when I got home, it was Funfetti of course, my favorite.  After it was done, he packed in the car and headed to one of my favorite restaurants Boathouse 19.  We had a great dinner there and then headed home to eat cake, sing and open some presents.  It was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday with my family.  I also share my birthday with my mom. She was in Utah enjoying her day as well.  Happy Birthday to us!

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