Friday, January 24

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 32 earlier this week.  That seems so old!  I am a full blown adult, and some days it really is hard to understand that.  I have a wife, kids, a real job, working on a Master's degree, way too much responsibility and so much more that means that I am an adult.  I am lucky though because I married a younger woman, who is still in her twenties, and will be for a few more years.  I say that, because she keeps me young, and cool and hip.  Or something like that.  Ha.

I am not someone who is too big on birthdays, but my staff at work decorated (trashed) my office and they all got me cards, gift cards and an amazing chocolate cake that had this Oreo butter cream frosting, it was amazing!  After work, I headed home and the kiddos has decorations up everywhere.  We grilled steaks for dinner, opened presents and had funfetti cupcakes and topped off the night with toddler D having a fever, wahoo!  What a great day though!

Happy Birthday to me!  And don't you love how D puts her arm around me.

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