Wednesday, June 19

Chambers Bay Running Trail

I found my new favorite running trail and it's just a few miles from my work.  I have been going to run it everyday after work these past couple of days and I love it.  The views are amazing, there are a few hills that are a good size, not too big, but big enough to push you. 

The trail runs all the way around this amazing golf course and goes right down to the shore of the Puget Sound.  There are amazing views of the water, trees and islands across the way.  It's an amazing trail and I am sure I will be going back often, very often. 


Aaron Smyth said...

That golf course looks amazing. Any idea how much it costs to play a round there?

Marcus Lane said...

I think is $225. They do have cheaper rates for the evening tee times, but still pricy!!

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