Tuesday, April 16

Money Well Spent

Why yes we did buy a trampoline for our formal living room and I am pretty sure it is one of the best decisions that we have ever made.   Some of our good friends that live up by Seattle got one for their kids, and so we figured we would spend some of our tax refund and buy one too.  It looks really good in the living room right when you walk in the front door and the fireplace is right there too, ha! 

The kiddos are in heaven and all of their friends and neighbor kids have enjoyed it as well.  I encourage everyone to buy one, they have good prices on amazon.com and walmart.com and some have free shipping.  They are easy to set up (just ask the wifey) and you can have them indoors or outdoors. 

We are going to have them bounce their little hearts out on a daily basis. 

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