Monday, January 7

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started at about 9:30 in the morning for us. Surprisingly both kiddos slept in a little. Toddler T was beyond excited this year. He got everything that he asked Santa for and more.  His favorites were his new fire house, bob the builder hat, his baby vacuum and his train set.  Baby D is obsessed with her new baby doll too.  She keeps holding her, while kissing and hugging her.  It's kinda sweet!  Plus, it's the first girly toy that we now have in our house. 

We spend the rest of Christmas Day skyping with Elder Challis, eating good food, sleeping, playing and we all went to see the late night showing of Les Miserables.  Not a bad Christmas at all. It was great to have the Challis family with us to celebrate! 

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