Sunday, December 23

Christmas Cards

This is probably the closest we will ever get to having a real Christmas card, so enjoy it! We love getting cards though from all of our friends and family, and one of these years we will send ours out.

Tis the season! 

This year I accepted a new job in WA and we sold our new home in Utah and made the journey to the Northwest.  Natalie had baby Darla in February, packed up our house, lived out of a suitcase for 6+ months before finally setting down in Olympia, WA while caring for 2 kids between Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.  It has been a crazy, but fun year! 
Toddler T turned 3 and is still into trains, elmo and sports.  Baby D is now 10 months and is starting to stand up and wants to be bigger so she can do everything that her big brother does.  We are grateful for our family and friends all around us! 
I wonder where we will go in 2013........! 

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