Tuesday, November 27

A New Rug

Sometimes all you need is a little change to make all the difference.  At least that's what I feel like our new rug did for us.  It is the first and latest purchase for our new home here in Washington and we are very pleased with it.  We have wood flooring in the family room, just off the kitchen and the couch and ottoman are always sliding all over the place, and now with the rug, they will stay in place, it's softer for the kiddos and the color is just perfect. 

What do you think?  My Instagram friends really seemed to like it. 

1 comment:

Jamie said...

We just got a rug and I was deciding between this EXACT one and the one I ultimately decided on . . . how funny! I thought that one didn't look that soft . . .is it? I'll have to come see it. We ended up with this one here:
I think a rug can make a big difference . . especially on dark wood.

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