Sunday, September 9

Welcome to Oregon

After our fun weekend in Reno, I packed up my stuff and headed up to the Pacific Northwest.  I am officially living in Oregon and have started at my new job.  I left the wife and kiddos down there for a few weeks until I get trained and we find a new place to call home up in Washington state. 

The drive was great.  It was slower speed limits, which means it took longer, but there was tons of beautiful new scenery to look at. 

Now just a few things about Oregon.  There really are so many trees here.  Seriously there are.  Take the number of trees that you are thinking about as you read this and at least double it, that's how many trees are here.  The roads are beautiful as they wind in and out of the trees and the lakes and rivers are awesome to.  The people are nice here and I kind of feel like royalty. I mean I don't even have to get out of my car to pump gas if I don't want to.  I just hand the gas guy my card and he asks what type and he feels it up and then brings me my receipt, and ocasionally they will wash your windshield too.  Coming from a hospitality background, I feel like I should maybe tip them. 

The weather has been great since I have been here.  Sunny and around 80 pretty much all week. I know this change eventually, but until it does I am out running everyday after work getting ready for the St. George Marathon which is only 1 month away. 

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