Saturday, August 11

World of Chalk - Cheeky Chalkboards

Check this out.
This is my cousin and his awesome wifey.  Go HERE to help them out and below is what it is all about:

Chalkboards. Simple, affordable chalkboards. No silly or frilly shapes or frames.

Small, medium, big, or super-sized chalkboards that are great for kitchens, events, living rooms, or just about anywhere you need to put a creative outlet.

We have cheap packages for sale so you can easily and afforably get your hands on all the chalkboards you need to fulfill your wildest chalky dreams.

It turns out chalkboards are ridiculously expensive. Go ahead and do a quick search and you'll find that one plain chalkboard that's about the size of those in our video (20" x 30") will cost you right around $40. If you want six, that's $240. Yeah that's ridiculous.

My wife and I think we can do it for much cheaper, but we need some cash-monies first to see if it's feasible.

Also, it's the best wall art to have because you can change it as often as you want.

We will start making and shipping chalkboards as soon as we reach our funding goal of $500.

You can show your support for our cause in a number of ways:
1. If you like our idea but not enough to fork over hard cash:
◦We still love you.

◦Show your support by sharing our campaign with your friends.




■Shouting on mountain tops.

2. If you like our idea enough to fork over hard cash:

◦Do that.

◦And show your support by sharing our campaign with your friends.

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