Thursday, June 7

Toddlers These Days

Toddler T is 2, almost 3 in a few months and some days are better than others with him.  He sure knows how to throw a fit and act like a 2 year old though.  Sometimes I get discouraged/annoyed and then I remember that he is a two year old and this is what they do.  Or at least what everyone says they do. 

Last night we (Toddler T and I) ran to the grocery store to get some candy, obviously.  I didn't even think about getting a shopping cart because we were just getting a couple items.  Of course, I walked right past the carts and Toddler T had something else on his mind.  He stopped and started screaming and pointing at the huge grocery cart that has the car as part of it.  You know the cart that I'm talking about.  You always feel bad for the parent that is pushing that cart through the grocery store because they are A. huge and B. hard to turn and C. well, so many other reasons. 

Usually T wants to push the little kid carts, which are great, but these car ones are a little ridiculous.  Am I right?!  Or am I being ridiculous.  I caved quick, because I didn't want T to make a scene at the grocery store and I pushed that huge cart up and down the candy aisle for 3 minutes, ha!


Overall he is a good toddler though, and we trying to train him to use his big boy voice and not to whine. 

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Nate and Julie said...

Oh, Clara asks to go grocery shopping almost daily thanks to those carts (not to mention the free cookies and 1 cent horsie rides at the end). I am totally one of those moms that pushes the giant car cart. So worth it! They don't have the kid sized carts around here. She would probably be into that if they did.

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