Friday, June 29

The simple things

Kids get so excited and entertained by the simple things in life.  It's true and it's awesome.  Yesterday, while I was at work, I got some pics from the wifey of T and D at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  She said is was pure joy as T ran around the temple grounds singing primary songs about going to the temple, etc.....  It was a simple thing that made them happy.  And isn't this picture awesome?  T is a great big brother. 

Then last night we went on a walk down to the clubhouse in our neighborhood and we stopped at the park byu our house on the way home.  As we were about a block from our house we spotted a bright yellow and red ball in an open lot.  I grabbed it and started playing pass with T.  For the next half hour we played with the ball in the front yard.  It was pure joy on his face just from a little ball that we found, ha!  How cool is that though?  He even asked for the ball to be in his room before he went to bed, ha.  Who is this kid?

I love our fence as the backdrop, don't you?

It's the simple things in life that truly make you happy, just ask toddler T.  I love these simple mellow summer nights that we get to spend together.

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Katie said...

Amen! I loooove and admire this about kids. I love that kids aren't bothered by things- a few years ago we had our annual swimming day at the pool. It was like barely 50 degrees, so of course all the teachers were by the side, freezing! But not the kids, they were right in the water, having a blast. Not s single kid complained!

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