Wednesday, May 9

Happy Birthday Teddy

We may or may not have thrown a birthday party for T's stuffed animal Teddy......does this make us awesome parents?  Or crazy parents?  Either way, it was a success and the kiddies had fun too.  T told us that Teddy was turning 2 and he had been asking about when his birthday was for weeks, so we finally caved and decided to throw a party for him.  T wanted to invite his cousins over for dinner, cake and a pinata.  Teddy even got some presents. He got a new shirt, a slap bracelet, a note, some small toys and another Teddy (a girl Teddy). 

It was a fun party and T was thrilled with it all, so I guess it was all worth it.  And T totally scammed us because he pretty much got to have 2 birthday parties this year.  He is a smart boy! 

And the video of us singing happy birthday to Teddy.  His nose did get burned a little too, ha. 


Nate and Julie said...

This is hilarious! You guys rock!

C said...

This is the greatest thing I have ever heard! You are superlative parents!

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