Saturday, April 7

Sick Boy

Toddler T has had a terrible cough this past week.  The wifey took him into the Dr. and they gave him some steroids to get him over his croup like cough.  He started to sound better, but then we woke up a few days ago with a fever.  He wasn't sleeping well and you could tell he did not feel well.  They ended up back at the Dr. office to get more steroids for the cough, and get a breathing treatment on the nebulizer.  We were lucky enough to get a nebulizer machine dropped off at out house so T can do treatments every 4-6 hours to clear his lungs out and help him breathe better.  Poor kid.  It sucks having sick kids because there is only so much you can do to help.  Let's just hope (and pray!) that baby D doesn't get this sickness. 

At least he is a good sport and shares his breathing treatment with his Teddy while he tries to make out with Teddy too, ha ha!

And a couple shots of Baby D and I, just because.  Look at her little face, isn't she cute?!  And look how long my hair is getting, should I shave it all off?

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