Wednesday, April 11

Looking to Adopt

A friends of mine from high school posted on facebook last night about adoption.  They have 1 child already and are looking for another one.  Below is what she posted:

"Hello facebook friends. We need your help! We are looking to adopt. Many of you know that our daughter has a terminal genetic syndrome and will not be with us long. We would love to have more children. When you become parents, the feeling of absolute love is so indescribable. That beautiful life brings so much perspective and humility. We have been given the most beautiful angel with our little Lila. Unfortunately, with the blessing of having such a special baby comes the uncertainty of having more of our own kids. We still have so much hope to see our own kids growing up and becoming what every parents wants, kids that have a chance to grow and to succeed and to love. Because of that hope and after much consideration Quinn and I have decided to put in our adoption papers. We have heard that networking with those we are close to helps tremendously in the process of finding a baby who needs a family. Please feel free to contact us if you know of anyone who is looking at adoption as an option. We really appreciate your prayers and thoughts.
Please do us a favor and post our blog and story on your blogs and social media sites so that we can get the word out. We would really appreciate it!"

It breaks my heart, the more I learn about this.  Children are so precious and I am so grateful for the kids that they wifey and I have.  Please go HERE to visit their blog and learn more about them and pass this on to others, thanks for your help friends and family!


Got the Runs said...

They could always adopt from Taiwan. I knew a family that adopted an 11-year old, but there are also huge orphanages here. I'll post a picture of an orphanage I visited as a missionary.

Marcus Lane said...

Good option. Email me more details please-

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