Friday, March 30

Spring is in the air

I love that the air is getting warmer and the sun stays up longer.  We can spend more time outside enjoying it all.  We are spending a lot of our time going on walks, runs, scooter rides, bike rides etc.... or just throwing rocks in out dirt backyard.  Whatever the case is, T is happy as long as we are outside and so am I.  We had a nice relaxing Sabbath Day last week.  We slept in (a little), went on a walk, made cookies and took them to some neighbors, went to church, took a nap, ate pizza for dinner, and then went on a scooter ride.  It was a great relaxing day!  I love days like that. 

I am loving our brick as the backdrop in this photo too and will probably have to use it more often. 
Here are some more random pics that I snapped with the iphone last Sunday after our killer naps.  Have I mentioned that I love the iphone? You should get one, or I will sell you my old one, I am due for a newer one soon.

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