Friday, March 16

Look who's growing

Baby D is now a month old, already.   She is growing like a weed and eats like a champ.  Well, that's what the wifey tells me.  I do give her a little bottle here and there though.  T would never take a bottle but we are trying to make is so baby D will take milk either way.  We shall see. 

So when D was born and the nurse was measuring and weighing her, etc.... and I noticed that when she measured her length it looked a little bit off.  She didn't really extend D's leg that far.  I understand than the baby is all squished up and you have to stretch them out to get a full length measurement, but when she said that D was only 18 inches long,  I made a weird face because it just didn't seem right.  I mean I am 6'1 and the wifey is 5'11 and T was 21 inches long.  So, when D went if for her 2 week appointment they measured her and guess what?  She was 21.5 inches long!  Can you believe it?  She grew 3.5 inches in 2 weeks,  pretty amazing huh?!

Any who, these pics were taken about that time.  She was stretching out on our bed just enjoying her new life, well her new world.  We sure do love her!   I love the ones where she is sticking her tongue out.  She still does that a lot and we like it. 


Diana said...

She is such a cutie!! I love her little tongue sticking out... what a rebel! ;D

Ashley said...

I am so excited for you guys. Such a cute and growing family. Good luck with your house and yard. Our last house had dirt in the front yard for 2 years...since we decided to go with seed rather than sod. Budget budget budget!

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