Thursday, March 15

He is such a toddler

Toddler T is most definitely a toddler these days.  It is nice to have him potty trained but he can throw a fit (sometimes) like it's his job.  Time outs are taking place (often) and we are teaching him to talk to us in his big boy voice, instead of his whiny baby voice.  Ha. 

He is a great big brother though and loves to play with his toys and asks when baby D will be big enough to play basketball with him in the basement, ha!  That will be the day for him.  I am sure he sick of shooting hoops with his mom and dad, but soon enough you will have a buddy in the basement with you. 

PS- I just realized that T is wearing this shirt is most of the photos that I post.  He does have other t-shirt, I promise.  This one just must be his favorite that gets washed far too often.  Thanks Target!

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