Tuesday, March 27

City Creek Center in Salt Lake City

Last weekend we had a friend's wedding at the JSMB downtown so of course (after) we went with our friends that live downtown to check out City Creek.  Yes, it is amazing and looks so nice and it will bring more people to Salt Lake City and more people to Temple Square, etc...etc....  It's awesome!  We cruised through the entire place and out of all the stores we waited in line to get in the Disney Store, ha!  20 minutes later toddler T was in heaven.  Everything on the boy side of the store was Cars or Toy Story and those are his top two movies right now, it was perfect. He got lucky and got a new Lightning McQueen car too.  He carried it around the rest of the night and was pleased as could be. 

We ended the evening at Nordstrom.  We also found out that if you tweet a message then the color of the building will change.  The outside has these cool lights on it and they keep changing colors from our tweets, ha!  Kinda cool.  It was a fun night out and we got home exhausted!!  Baby D just slept the night away in my arms too.  Here are some of the iphone pics that I took. Now we just need to see Hunger Games like everyone else. 

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