Tuesday, February 28

Potty Training

I have a few friends that have kids the same age as T and they have asked me about how the potty training is going with T and how we did it, what worked with him, etc..... so here is a semi-brief summary of what we (well mainly the wifey) did and what worked for us.

The wifey took T to the library to look at books about the bathroom and potty training.  It got it in his mind and he started to think about it and ask questions, etc....  We then would talk about it at home and explain to him what we all did in there.  After a few days of this, we took him to Target and let him pick out his own underwear.  He picked out Thomas the Train undies and some other random Disney character undies.  We let him look at them and put the mon over his diaper and talk the undies up in a major way!

At this point, the wifey picked a couple days where they would be around the house for long periods of time and let him drink anything and everything so he would have to go pee a lot.  He drank chocolate milk, juice boxes, milk, etc..... and we would ask him over and over if he had to go potty, or we would just make him sit on the potty to see what it feels like, etc....  Every time he would go sit on the potty he would get a little treat (of his choice, of course).  He chose jelly beans, M & M's, and sour patch kids.  We have a good stash of candy on hand, ha!  And as soon as he actually went #1 or #2 then he got another bigger treat.  We would congratulate him on going on the potty and then try to explain to him that he needed to tell us when we felt like he needed to go.  So far it has worked pretty well and it is really nice to have only 1 child in diapers! 

We have been doing all of this for over a month now and we has done really well for the most part.  He has had a few accidents, but luckily they have all been #1 accidents.  He usually has an accident when he is too busy playing with his friends or cousins and we doesn't want to leave them for 1 minute to even pee, ha!  He might miss something, ha!  When he does have an accident we clean him up in the tub, and he hates it, but hopefully he learns from it.  He still wears a diaper at night and during his naps, just in case.  He usually wakes up with it dry, which is nice because he will just go on the potty as soon as he gets up.

So there you have it parents, good luck with you kids and let me know if there is something that might work better that we could try on our next kid.  Good luck! 

We played Battleship a couple weekends ago in our underwear, obviously!  It's one of T's favorite games, right up there with Connect 4 and Twister. 


Nate and Julie said...

Clara loves Battleship and Connect 4 too! Thanks for the pointers. We need all the help we can get around here.

Katie said...

Thanks for the tips...I'll let you know (as I'm sure there will be blog posts) when we start. One Q...did/does he use the regular toilet, or a kid one?

Marcus Lane said...


He started with a little potty that clipped onto the toilet for the first week or so, but now he just sits on the BIG potty. If your boy wants one and you want to pay for it, then go for it. Do anything that will get the kid excited about it.

Good luck!

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