Thursday, January 5

Salt Lake Half Marathon

Well I did it.  I signed up for another race.  I will be running the Salt Lake Half Marathon in April.  And I conned my buddy Scott into running it too.  It will be a good thing.  I have started to hit the gym again (on lunch break or after work) to get some runs in on the treadmill.  I hate running in the cold, but honestly it hasn't been that cold this winter.  There isn't even any snow. 

I came up with a specific running/training plan for this race and shared it with Scott.  This will be his first half marathon and he came up with a better running plan.  I will use his, ha! The plan might help me, because usually I just run as much as I have time for and then do one long run a couple weeks before the race.  I am going to try and run a specific # of miles each week though, so here it goes. Maybe that will be my specific monthly goal for February.  Yes, I think it will be. 

(My gym view while on the treadmill)

So here's to running and getting back in shape.  Run Run Run!!  And come out and join me this year.


Jamie said...

Shane is in charge of the Utah Valley Marathon finish line and I may be running the half. You should do the full marathon 9or the half) it is the beginning of June. I love following a schedule. Good luck with it!

Marcus Shields said...

I am going to do the full!! Do the full with me! I will probably need a running buddy! And will Shane be back here for it again this year??

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