Tuesday, January 31

Murphy Built Home

Do you wanna see a really cool house?  Here are a few pics, check them out: 

 Your first sight of the house as you turn on their street.

The front view of the house.  The front yard is huge!

A little computer nook just off the kitchen.  So clean and simple. 

Half Bath on the main floor. 

Formal living and dining.  The floor to ceiling windows are awesome. 

Master bath.  That rain shower looks awesome!

And the kitchen.  I love the islands and that everything is hidden/built in.

This house was built by the wifey's friends in Reno that she grew up with.  They designed it, built it, etc..... it's pretty rad huh?!  The exterior gives an old Hollywood classy feel and I love all of the windows.  The kitchen is so clean and sleek.  I love how everything is off of the counters and is hidden in the cupboards or cabinets somewhere.  Even the refrigerators blend in, and there is a pizza over in the rock part of the kitchen, pretty cool!  Check out their Facebook page to see some of their other projects and like them too!  :)  The house has 4 bedrooms 5 bathrooms and a huge basement!  Oh, and there is a guest house and boat garage, of course!

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