Friday, December 30

Christmas Morning!!

Christmas was nice to have on a Sunday.  We got up and went to church at 9 am, came home and talked to Elder Challis on the phone for a couple hours and then we started to open presents.  It was perfect!  Elder Challis is doing really well and sounded happy!  It's always fun to talk to missionaries and catch up on what is going on with their day day to life in the mission field.

T loved opening the presents, but wanted to play with each one before we would open the next one.  It was an all day process for him.  I think he opened a few little gifts right before he went to bed that night, ha!  His favorite gift was his little tool bench and tools that Santa brought him.  He was a little drill and tons of other tools, it's pretty cool.  He also likes his little scooter (he is learning how to push and ride it) and he puts his teddy + other stuffed animals and takes them for rides.  He also gives them rides on the remote control car, ha!  Oh and his Elmo stuff, how can I forget about that.  He got what he wanted and about 14 other things to top it off.  Maybe Santa + his elves went a little overboard, maybe not though!

Overall it was a great Christmas and it's a little sad having to be back at work now.  Having a week off was great.  At least we have New year's in a couple of days.  Below are some pics from Christmas and other stuff that we did while in Reno.  Oh, and one night we drove through this neighborhood that goes all out on Christmas lights and you have to drive all around and find the top 10 houses that won awards.  It was fun, I love seeing the lights!

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Ashley said...

Oh...the tools. Our boys would be buds. P.S. I fed the fish.

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