Tuesday, November 1

On Halloween Eve

We had a very festive meal at my parents house in SLC.  We tried to only eat foods that were orange, black,white or food that related to Halloween, ha! It was beyond delicious!  Lots of food, lots of family and even better dessert.  We ended the evening with carving pumpkins. 

When I was a kid I remember cleaning off the pumpkin seeds, and then backing them in the oven until they are crisp.  Does anyone else do this?  I love it, and so did Toddler T.  After everyone left, we sat on the couch, read books and munched on pumpkin seeds with some sea salt on them and they were crisp and delicious! 

Here are some of the pics.  Toddler T wanted to dress as a dino/dragon today.  He wore his doggie costume for the trick or treating last night and loved it.  Wahoo!  It was so fun and I will be posting pics of him and his cousins tomorrow. 

I love this last picture of T.  I just have to laugh a little, apparently he got scared, ha!


Lexi Patterson said...

Cash loved carving the pumpkin until we put a candle in it. Maybe T had the same feeling. He's so cute!

shields family said...

Soo great!!

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