Thursday, November 10

DIY Chair Makeover

So, my aunt and her daughter (Thanks Ginn & Mindy) spotted our current dining room chairs on the blog a while back and they called my mom and told her that they had 4 identical chairs in storage and they were wanting to give them to us.  So, the next time my mom was in Heber, she picked them up for us and they have been sitting in our garage since we moved into our new house.

And since I was a bachelor last week and had some extra time, I decided that it was time to start the process.  I sanded them down in the garage and then set up a tarp/painting area in the basement where I could paint them.  (It was way too cold in the garage!) 

These chairs were a super dark brown, almost black color and had some other paint splashed all over the them.  They had the original seat covers on them, which were a (very) faded greenish color. 

Here are the 4 chairs before, with the seats off them already off. 

And here they are in the process of being painted.  We chose a light yellowish color that would match a little with the curtains that are in the dining room. 

The wifey is pretty good with the staple gun and re-upholstered the seats last night. 

They took quite a few coats of paint to cover the dark color, but they turned out great. Now we have 9 chairs for our small dining room table of 4, ha! The extra seats will come in handy though when we have other people over.

Here is the finished product:


Monica said...

LOVE your chairs! Good work!!

The Bennetts said...

And to think those little beauties were headed to the trash dump. Way to go!

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