Thursday, November 3


Looks like I am a bachelor for the rest of the week.  The wifey and T are visiting family out of town and it's just me at home.  Which is fine.  I am busy at work because the first of every month there are a lot of reports that need to be done, and I recently joined a gym so I can try and stay in shape during the winter.  The gym is right by my work and some days I can sneak out and get in a quick work out during lunch, or I will go after work and I even tried to go workout early before work.  That's a little too much work though, ha!  So this week is work and running. 

I sure do miss having them around though.  Last Sunday before church I snapped some pics of toddler T.  He looked so handsome with his bow tie and suspenders on and got quite a few compliments at church.  He is a stud!  And his facial expressions are so great.  Just look for yourself: 

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Natalie said...

what a cutie!

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