Tuesday, October 18

Leland's 90th Birthday!

Last Sunday, we had dinner at my parents house in SLC.  My mom said that she made a special dinner in memory of my grandpa Shields.  You see, it was his 90th birthday last weekend.  He would have been turning 90 if he was still with us today.  Unfortunately, cancer took his life about 10 years ago.  In memory of Leland or Gus (or whatever you called him) we ate his favorite meal and we all talked about our favorite memories of Grandpa Shields. We went around the table and all took turns. 

Some of these memories included camping, riding motorcycles, his jokes, his sense of humor, his good looks, his ability to teach, his example, more of his jokes, his musical talents, etc...etc....the list goes on and on.  We told story after story and I fully enjoyed the evening. 

Cousins and family, what are some memories that you have of him??

This is a picture of Grandpa & Grandma.  And look he is wearing a skinny tie!  He must have been stylish and fashionable man, right?!  What a great family he left behind.  We love and miss you Grandpa Shields and I want to name our next son after you Leland!


dannyhaley said...

Great post Marc! I really enjoyed dinner too, so many laughs and great stories remembered.

River Trout said...

what a great idea!

I have so many funny story memories of grandpa, but one of my favorite memories is sitting on his lap and getting tickled all the time— much like all our dad's do today.

I think we all have grandpa to thank for being so FUNNY and having such good sense's of humor. :)

Maybe we have grandpa to thank for our excellent communication skills as well? ;)

Grandpa was such a special man who was genuinely loved by everyone.


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