Thursday, August 4

Almost 22 months now......

Baby T is pretty much 22 months old now....can you believe it?  We can't!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like he was just a little baby last week and now he is officially a toddler, running all over the place, singing, humming, talking and learning new words everyday! 

He sure is fun to have around though and he is pure entertainment all day, everyday.  He is now obsessed with trucks and ducks now.  Every animal is a duck and every loud car is a truck.  (And sometimes 'truck' sounds like another word....ha)  He still likes all the balls though and is getting pretty good at catching them and throwing them.  He even gets kicking the soccer ball a little. 

These pics were taken at the Hawkins 4th of July festivities by my sister Monica.  (I want her camera, and one day I will own day!)

We spent the evening at the park last night after running some errands and the wifey drove home while baby T and I walked.  It took us about 30 minutes to walk a half mile, ha!  We had to stop and look and wave at every truck that he saw, he had to point out every rock that he saw, then pick it up, then thrown it.  He learned how to smell flowers (thanks for Chels and baby Eden) and he stopped and smelt every bush, flower, tree, etc.... for a block, it was great!  It's these small things that I enjoy the most.  Just seeing how he remembers everything and he really is a quick learner. 

Here's to being a toddler baby T!  Keep it up!

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