Thursday, July 14

MAC vs. PC

Yes, the time has come where we are in need of a new computer.  We have been using Nat's laptop from college and it finally died on us.  We thought that it just needed a new battery, but it's pretty much sucks!  Luckily we have our handy iphones that we can use for the usual everyday things, but we need a real computer, ya know?

So what do we get?  A desktop, or another laptop?  We don't even have a desk, but we have room for one now.  And when will baby T start using computers?  Do we get another PC or make the change to a Mac?  Do we even know how to sue a Mac? ......So many questions and any information would be helpful. 

We just use the computer for everyday things like itunes, pictures, basic internet usage, etc... We are not that fancy when it comes to computers and we know the very basics, ha! 

Please friends and family share your thoughts and opinions on what you have/use and why you like it, or don't like it.  Muchas Gracias.......


dannyhaley said...

Go for an IPAD,we love ours! But u still need a regular computer, so who knows what to get?

dannynstephstoddart said...

Do u wanna spend $2000 dollars... or less than $1000 for the same thing? The whole "macs don't get viruses" argument is crap cuz macs are starting to get them too. The only way I justify getting a mac is if u are really into advanced photo/video editing ... otherwise its stupid. We did a buttload of research in October... both our laptops died... Danny had won a new macbook pro worth 1900+... we ended up selling it new in box to some dude and bought 2 brand new laptops with even better specs... also bought danny a nice new watch... and had $$ left over. If u don't have a legit reason to buy the Mac (most peoples arguments were "but its a macbook pro!... its better! Then we ask WHY its better.... nobody could give a real answer). We also wont feel bad in 3 years or so if we want to get a newer laptop... ;) Sorry... I should get off my high horse about this... but seriously... dannys laptop was $800, bigger screen, quad-core processor (do more at once & faster), more memory/ram... and got the virus protector. Do what u desire though... I wont judge u if u get a mac ;)

Nate and Julie said...

We are PC people, but Macs are cool too I guess. I would vote for a laptop for sure though. I love it because I can multi-task with the kiddo around the house and we use it as a portable dvd player for roadtrips.

Julie said...

ha ha ha. You're going to get a lot of different opinions on this one. I think people just like what they get used to. Personally I'd go with the Mac. Desktop.
You will love it. We've had ours for 3+ yrs and never had a problem with it. love love love. Way better for media, like creating photo books, cards & calenders.
PC's are so old school, I can't believe you guys are even considering a PC. ha ha. Especially since you're such an avid iphone user. ha.
Good luck deciding!

shareka said...

get a mac.. it will last you longer and I am in LOVE with my mac book pro... its an easy switch over and you will never want to go back

Hema and Becky said...

We love love love our mac desktop. It is so great, but there have been a few things that can't be done on a mac. Like entering the cub scout awards to their scout tracking system. Simply can't do it on a mac. Very annoying! There is also a billing system through the state of utah that isn't mac compatible that Hema uses for his work billing. We bought a cheap used laptop pc for those 2 things. In the end, I think there are great pcs and macs...I'm sure you'd be happy with either one.

dani said...

it depends.

for me, the design programs i use every day were made for a mac. i never even considered a pc. i've had my imac for almost 3 years and i've loved everything about it--occasional glitches but what computer doesn't have glitches?--. it's big enough to double as a tv (mine is in our bedroom & watch shows all the time) and so easy to use.

although, i think kevin would say pc just for the $$ aspect. they are definitely more expensive. to me it was well worth the $, to kevin, he doesn't really care (but lets be honest, most of the programs he used in college were microsoft office). lame-o. jk;)

also, last summer my parents got a very needed new computer (their last one was from like 1998!). FOR YEARS, both of my parents have struggled with being good with the computer. very easy things like, downloading a font, burning a cd, saving a file, organizing pictures, etc were very difficult for them. my love for mac only increased when my mom called me, a few days after she got her new imac, and said, "dani, i can't believe it! i just downloaded a font!".

very. user. friendly. but you guys are so young, you won't have that problem:) just my opinion:)

also, you're not the only one asking that question. unplggd has an infographic about it here:

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