Friday, July 29

Everyone should have kids.......

Yes, I said it.  I think that everyone should have children.  They (meaning kids) keep you in line and help you in so many ways!  Last week in church, we went to the 'other' sunday school class, (that I didn't know existed) where my father-in-laws childhood friend was teaching.  It was an awesome lesson on parenting and being an example. Since this topic had already been on my mind, it just hit home for me. 

So, think about it.  When you have children, you seem to always put their needs before anything else.  It's a great thing to do, a selfless thing to do.  You seem to want to teach them good things that will help them and be a good example for them at all times.

Baby T is at the age where he copies a lot of what we do as his parents, whether it's our actions or words.  This can be either a positive or negative experience for them.  For example, if I put my 'flip flops' (his lastest word) on, then he wants to.  If I say I am going to give a prayer before dinner, then he folds his arms like we do.  On a negative note, if I maybe curse when I drop something on my foot, then he will repeat that same word and somehow add it to his vocabulary.  Are you catching my drift here??  Children keep you in check with yourself.  They humble you and teach you new things everyday as you are teaching them.  What an awesome experience it is.  And I don't think this experience will ever end.....will it?

So agree with me, or disagree with me if you may, but either way, get out there and have some children and teach them well.

*We took a Costco run yesterday to stash up on diapers, and see he is wearing his flip flops and so was I! 


Geoffrey said...

I completely agree. I've noticed the "best parents" are those without children. Once you have children, things that you never imagined leaving your lips will come out on a regular basis.
"Don't put Hot Wheels in your pants"
"You don't need green beans up your nose"
"Get off your baby brother, and get the Hot Wheels out of HIS pants"

You get the idea. While I think that those who choose not to have children have their choice, they are surely missing out.

Christy Gunnell said...

Amen brother! Having Mila has totally made me a better person and she can't even talk or mimic me yet. I love her to death and wish everyone could feel this deep love and happiness.

Nate and Julie said...


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