Friday, May 27

Music Monday-Regina Spektor - "Samson"

There were a few weeks where I was obsessed with Regina Spektor. She is so unique and her lyrics are awesome. This specific song reminds me of when I use to crash at my cousins place in Provo a couple nights a week when I had an early morning class. We would listen to it over and over and one of my cousins wrote a paper on it. She was an English major and we disected the song over and over. Why the wonder bread? Why? Good times and good music.

Enjoy. And Happy Memorial Day!


Brityn said...

Got a B on that paper, by the way. (Cursed Wonder bread!!)...Totally worth the 'pover fun.

jessica said...

Ha Ha Ha - those were good times! We still say 'pover all the time :) People think we are crazy but those of us who were there totally get it. Remember the time when Brit threw a shoe cuz Marc showed up at 1 when we were falling alseep and said, "Man these povers are getting more and more lame everytime I come!" Good thing it worked out with Natalie or you would have wasted our pover fun for nothing!

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