Thursday, May 19

Improvements are good.

Baby T is making some progress. Last night he was off of the oxygen completely and we took him for a little walk around the pediatrics side of the hospital. We pulled him in the wagon and then he pulled it a few times around the halls. And everytime we would pass by the nurses station he would scream to het their attention and talk to them. I assume he was just flirting. Ha.

He went for a long time without oxygen but had a little episode where he needed it again. He is going for longer periods without it though. Which is an improvement. Hopefully we will be going home tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I was so sorry to hear about Turner in the hospital. How scary! My thoughts and prayers are with your cute little fam.

Cal said...

Oh no! I just saw these posts. I hope baby T makes it home soon!!!

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