Monday, April 4

conference weekend

general conference was awesome!  it is such a nice way to recap where you are in your life and see the areas that you can strengthen and make better.  it seems there are always plenty of ways to improve. 

where to start....... some of my favorite talks/quotes were from priesthood session on saturday night.  steven e. snow talked about hope and how it brings confidence into our daily lives.  he said that hope can lead us to achieve our dreams.  it inspires us and causes dedication and practice.

elder uchdorf's talk was great too.  he spoke about living below our potential and how we need to live up to out full potential and to partake of the spiritual blessings and opportunities.  i liked his analogy on how we need to set a 'do it' switch on our smart phones, not just a reminder.  he warned about falling into the 3 W's: Worldly, Worry & Whining.  So great! 

and to finish off pres. monson's quote that stuck with me was, 'choose your love, and love your choice.'

we also celebrated millie's 1st birthday with dinner and dessert, got in some skiing at snowbird and had a wonderful feast on sunday after conference.  waking up to 8+ inches on snow on sunday morning was a surprise too.  overall, what a great weekend! 

here are some of the pics from the iphone. 

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