Thursday, April 7

blog updates

Just in case you were wondering, we are switching things up around here, well on the blog at least.  We have a new name!  Do you like it?  We do, I think.  I have decided to start some new things on the blog too.  It will include:

  • Music Mondays (email me suggestions that you like -
  • Spotlight of fellow bloggers and friends. 
  • Events happening in our area.
  • And more!  (send me suggestions if you want to see/read/listen to anything particular)

We hope you enjoy the changes, and keep on reading friends and family!  Happy Thursday!

PS- I found THIS and got excited for 2012!!  The books will finally come to the big screen, so great!


stephanie joy said...

I am excited for the movies too! And yes, love the new blog look. Oh, and don't tell anyone, but I secretly love running to Lady Gaga too! Shhhhhhh :)

Krissy said...

Love the new blog...relieved you left the fishies on it though. I don't know what I would tell Linds if you took them down.

The Shields Riot said...

i would never take the fishie's down, they are our only pets! unlike the lignell zoo, ha!

Ashley B-Janke said...

It like the new set up. Very hip and cool and...stuff.

Your house is coming along nicely too. I am jealous of your insulation. We still have a week or 2 until we get there.

Matt and Ness said...

love it!
and those fish--i never knew they followed the mouse until matt showed me last week. so cool!

shields family said...

Make sure you feed them too! Just click away

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