Monday, March 21

weekend events

this picture pretty much sums up our weekend:

yup, we had a snuggie party on friday night with friends logan & lisa.  (not pictured is logan, someone had to take the photo).  they are proud owners of 3 snuggies!  we wore them while we watched a movie that we had been wanting to see since we went to san francisco a few weeks ago.  we finally rented escape from alcatraz and really enjoyed it. 

we have upped the numbers in our family too.  we are watching 4 nieces and nephews while their parents are out of town.  they are pretty fun and the highlight of the weekend with them was going to our siblings BYU singles ward on sunday in the law building.  we were passing kids all over the place and they did well. 

while there we spotted jeff from his graduating class:
look at what a stud he is!  i think he still owns that jacket too and i am pretty sure that i have worn it before. 
let's see, what else happened this weekend....we watched lots of march madness bball games, and BYU's blowout against Gonzaga was awesome!  i can't believe they are going to the sweet 16!  GO COUGS!  bring on florida this thursday, we are ready!

here are some more pics of the weekend:

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