Friday, February 4

16 months....almost

can you believe that baby turner is 16 months next week?  i guess he isn't a baby anymore.  he acts more like a toddler everyday, just seeking a new adventure.  he is so much fun to have around right now.  he loves to sing, dance, and talk baby jibberish.  it is funny.  you can ask him a question and he just talks randomness..... he loves to shoot the basketball, build towers and knock them over and to do anything outside. 

we need to get that binky out of his mouth though.  he might like it a little too much, along with his blankie that he has to have to sleep.  what a baby!  
he had a dr. appt this week to get some more shots and here are his stats:

height - 32.28 in.
weight - 23 lbs.

he is a growing boy who goes in random spurts of eating and sleeping.  some meals he just chows down and eats everything, while other meals he just wants to drink juice or milk.  he also has been sleeping in some days which is nice on the weekends for us too. 

here's to growing up!  enjoy the weekend friends and family. 


Kate Challis said...

You know what's obnoxious? When every day of the week they wake up at the crack of 6:30, only to sleep in on the day you have early morning church. Sheesh. Let's hope Turner is a little more conscientious than his cousin-er-whatever-they-are...

salt lake city slickers said...

oh he has been through that phase too kate! ha

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