Monday, January 10

finally some snow in the CO

it snowed, it snowed a lot yesterday!  it finally feels like winter and there is a thick white blanket over everything, i love it, nat on the other hand not so much.  when we woke up on sunday, there was maybe an inch on the ground.  we got ready for church and it started snowing more and more.  on a side note, church starts at 11 am now and baby T does not like the new change.  he usually takes a morning nap around 10:30 or 11 and then takes another one later in the afternoon.  he did not cooperate at all, ha!  he just wanted a nap for all 3 hours of church and he refuses to sleep in your arms.  he needs his 'blankie' (which could be a whole post on it own) and he likes to be swaddled still.  how funny is that?  we wrap him up every night still.  ha. 

the snow kept falling and falling during church and for the rest of the day.  we drove up to pine with marylynn to have dinner at dan and jannie's, and the roads were slick but the AWD took care of things.  the meal was delicious and so were all of the caramels, chocolates, brownies, etc....  so worth it!  we love having sunday dinners up in the mountains with family!

we had a fun weekend too.  we went to the aquarium downtown on saturday with some friends in our ward and turner loved it!  i will post some pics later.  enjoy your monday and enjoy the snow!

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