Tuesday, June 22

well well well, love the mav

this is a stack of cups from our local maverik where you normally get refills way cheap, but for some odd reason we always forget our cups and have to get a new one. there are even more of these cups in our car, in the strollers, etc..... when will we ever learn?

in other exciting news, jake and vienna have split up!

wow!  big surprise there, ha! you can read about it online here.  and the drama with ali on the current bachelorette is starting to heat up too. 


Jessica F. said...

Oh how I miss Maverick and their cheap refills. Even if you don't refill, the fact that you can for so cheap is amazing!

Don't even get me started on Jake and Vienna...YUCK! They wore me out last season that I am not even watching with Ali.

Katie said...

Ah...I totally do the same thing. Only I'm even worse because I have my stack in my classroom, waiting to either be refilled or at least recycled at home. But...then the stack gets in the way and bugs me so I just throw them away. Then I feel like a wasteful person...so I go get another Diet Coke in a big plastic cup and continue the cycle!

YAY for Jake and Vienna news!!! Loved your link! Just spent my morning on TMZ while Will played on the floor...I'm going for Mom of the Year award apparently!

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